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Is Traditional Food cheaper than Western Food?

Our mind says that the traditional food should be cheaper than western food. Is it? Why? If traditional food cost more than western food it feels not right. Why we value more western food rather than our traditional food?               sumber : Many of our traditional food is taste so much better than western food, but the society value it less than the western food. For example for a burger, it cost twice compare to traditional food such as gudeg, nasi padang, etc. But still our young generation choose to eat that expensive burger compare to eat our traditional food. Meanwhile, the cost of making that burger, I believe is more cheaper than cost of making our traditional foods. So I think the key is in ourselves. We should value more and respect more to our traditional food. When we go to the mall, we should choose to eat our food rather than western food. We should introduce our traditional food to our children in everyday life. We can ask them to prepare a