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Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2020

New Normal Life, New Normal on Managing Money

Everyday, we see dokter Reisa Broto Asmoro   gives a report about Covid-19 on screen. She is a new spokesperson. After we had seen Mr. Yuri for about 3 months as a previous spokesperson with his serious gesture and mimic, it is a good choice to have a new face on television who delivered the information especially as pretty as her. But, sadly the data being reported by her is not a good news, the daily number of people being infected increased more than before. Eventhough more than 1000 people newly infected daily reported, most of the city preparing for the  new normal life stage.  After 3 months (March - May 2020), the economy were totally slowdown, many people lost their job and some of them even lost the life of their beloved one because of covid-19. Should we change how we manage our money in this new coming new normal life?                 sumber : I personally think that, we should change on how we spend our money in this new normal life era. First of

How is Self Love and Support System Deals With Money?

Many people say, how people spend their money have a correlation with their self love. Their suppport system also play an important. Is this true? What do you think? Nowadays, people tend to spend their money not because they simply need the product or service they bought but because for other reason. I believe that this behaviour, more or less have a correlation with their self love and support system.               sumber : Self love is about how we see ourself, and are we confident with ourself especially with our choice. This choice also including about our choice in spending our money. When people love theirself, it show a tendency that they will not spend their money just to follow others or trends that are booming. They know what their need and what their want. Need and want is different but people sometimes have difficulties to differentiate it especially when they are lack of self love. For example, eventhough it was a trend to use a nice bags from